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Eco Adventures Puerto Rico

Did you know that Puerto Rico is not just known for its beaches, but its excellent flora and wildlife as well? See this hidden side of the island when you go on eco adventures Puerto Rico at the famous ToroVerde adventure park. Enjoy a day of zip-lining and canopy tours in a safe and guided environment. Call (787) 867 7020 for information.

Zipline Orocovis

Imagine the thrill of a roller coaster combined with touring natural forests. You can get the best of both worlds with zipline Orocovis. Instead of being bored just looking around natural sites, you get the added excitement of zipping through the air at a speed of 60MPH. If you are interested in zip-lining and canopy tours, visit our website to learn more.

Zipline La Marquesa

Don’t fall victim to tourist overpricing during your vacation. The best thing to do is to plan and book ahead of time for everything, from your flights and accommodation to your tours. It will also do well to watch out for promos. Send us your email on our website to get promotions for activities, such as zipline La Marquesa.

Zipline El Yunque

Get the best promotions for your trip by signing up your email through our website. We can offer exciting tours and activities such as zipline El Yunque. You might also be interested in going on canopy tours around the area. Ditch the old tourist routine of visiting natural parks and simply taking pictures. Book your canopy tour and ziplining activities today.

Zip Lining In Puerto Rico

ToroVerde is the top destination for zip lining in Puerto Rico. It has all the amenities adrenaline junkies want, from the world’s longest single run zipline to exhilarating suspension bridges. See Puerto Rico from an eagle’s perspective, high up there!  Be sure to visit ToroVerde for the best ziplining activities.   

Zipline Yunque

Are you tired of hopping on and off your tour bus? You can now explore the beauty of Yunque with a combination of thrill from seeing it high up above the ground. Canopy tours are becoming more and more popular these days. You also don’t want to miss out on zipline Yunque. Visit our website to see other exciting activities and tours.  

Zipline San Juan

Get an exhilarating experience with zipline San Juan. It’s time you experienced a thrilling ride you will never forget! You can also go on guided canopy tours where you can experience walking through suspension bridges and even rappelling. Book an interesting and exciting tour for your trip through our website.

Vacation Package Puerto Rico

Families and corporate groups searching for a vacation package Puerto Rico will enjoy the offerings from ToroVerde, a leading adventure park specializing in canopy adventures. No matter what your level of fitness and adventurousness, you’ll enjoy your time here. Book a ToroVerde vacation package online or by calling (787) 867 7020.  

Rock Climbing Puerto Rico

ToroVerde is a world-famous park in Orocovis, in the heart of the Puerto Rico. Set in an interesting landscape, it’s the perfect place for rock climbing Puerto Rico. Enjoy a safe and guided adventure, complete with access to zip lines and aerial bridges. ToroVerde has been named one of the ‘coolest new attractions’ by Travel & Leisure Magazine. Experience it now! Call (787) 867 7020.  

Puerto Rico Adventure Tours

If you’re out for Puerto Rico adventure tours then ToroVerde in Orocovis should be on your itinerary. This sprawling adventure park offers unbelievable canopy tours! Go on ziplines, rappelling adventures, and aerial bridge walks through the forest with all the best safety equipment and a guide by your side. Call (787) 867 7020 or go to the ToroVerde website to book a tour.    

Rainforest Tour Puerto Rico

ToroVerde was recently named one of the coolest places to see for a rainforest tour in Puerto Rico. This adventure park can put you face to face with the island’s amazing landscapes, flora, and wildlife. Sign up for a rainforest canopy adventure that you will remember forever. Group and family tours can be arranged online or by calling (787) 867 7020.

Puerto Rico Family Vacation Packages

Make sure that aside from a stay in a beach resort, you sign up for Puerto Rico family vacation packages with an adventure component. Your island holiday won’t be complete without a visit to ToroVerde adventure park, where you and the kids can experience unforgettable canopy adventures. Enjoy the longest single run zipline in the world when you visit ToroVerde. Call (787) 867 7020 or book a tour online.  

Puerto Rico Climbing

Puerto Rico is not only famous for its beaches, but also its excellent hiking and climbing opportunities. So on your next holiday, be sure to sign up for a guided Puerto Rico climbing adventure at the famous ToroVerde park. Go on a hike or a full scale canopy tour complete with rappelling opportunities. Call (787) 867 7020.

Puerto Rico Canopy Tour

Take your family or corporate group to an unforgettable adventure at ToroVerde Puerto Rico canopy tour. Go through a forest via zip-line, suspension bridges, and rappelling! Experiencing the island’s flora and wildlife at its best. Visit the ToroVerde website to see the canopy tours offered, or call (787) 867 7020 to know more.

Puerto Rican Restaurant

ToroVerde adventure park’s onsite Puerto Rican restaurant is hailed by critics as one of the best on the island. Here you can enjoy traditional dishes and mouthwatering desserts, all prepared using fresh picked ingredients right from the garden within the premises. Enjoy a filling meal after your canopy adventure. Reserve a table at the ToroVerde website.  

Original Canopy Tour Puerto Rico

ToroVerde is the original canopy tour Puerto Rico destination and was recently named one of the coolest attractions to visit by Travel & Leisure Magazine. Visit the ToroVerde website to see the list of canopy tours you can choose from, or call (787) 867 7020 to arrange a group adventure. From extra long ziplines to rappelling and aerial bridge tours, it’s all here.  

Puerto Rico Vacations Deals

If you’re feeling adventurous, then you’ll enjoy ToroVerde’s Puerto Rico vacation deals. Enjoy a complete canopy adventure tour with access to unbelievable aerial bridges and even the longest single run zipline you have ever seen. ToroVerde is perfect for adrenaline junkies or anyone looking to try something new. Book your adventure vacation deal via the website or by calling (787) 867 7020.  

Puerto Rico Vacation Packages

ToroVerde offers Puerto Rico vacation packages for adventurous souls looking to explore the rainforests in the heart of the island. This popular adventure park offers zip lining, rock climbing, and comprehensive canopy tours that let you see Puerto Rico from a whole new perspective. Call (787) 867 7020 for more information.

Canopy Yunque

Tired of just visiting museums and taking pictures of landmarks? Why not go on a canopy Yunque tour? Canopy tours are gaining popularity for its ingenuity. Imagine being able to view gorgeous views in the least boring possible way. You’ll be high up on trees, zip-lining or walking through hanging bridges. You can book a tour from our website.

Canopy Tour Puerto Rico

If you’re looking for an amazing canopy tour Puerto Rico then the place to go is ToroVerde in Orocovis. This adventure park provides an exciting canopy tour, with an established route through a forest, complete with zip-lines and suspension bridges. Enjoy a safe and fun day out with the family. Call (787) 867 7020 to book a tour.

Canopy San Juan

Due to the number of tourists coming to San Juan, you might experience overpriced hotels, fares, and tickets. You can avoid all this by booking ahead of time. Visit our website and book canopy San Juan for you and your friends. You also have the option to combine multiple tours with our packages. Make the most of your vacation by booking today.

Canopy Puerto Rico

Make the most of your vacation! Book canopy Puerto Rico tours for you and your group. You can see the wonderful views of Puerto Rico while enjoying the thrill of being hundreds of feet off the ground. If you want to get an experience of a lifetime, book a tour from our website.  

Canopy Orocovis

The municipality of Orocovis is one of the most popular in Puerto Rico. There are many places of interest in the area from recreative parks to rain forests. If you want to experience Orocovis in a different way, book a canopy tour. You can reserve canopy Orocovis online. Just choose your tour and book on our website.

Canopy La Marquesa

Whether you are the adventurous type or not, you should not miss a canopy La Marquesa tour. You can view the wonderful surroundings of La Marquesa high up above the ground. A zip-lining experience can also be crossed of your bucket list. Visit our website to see what we can offer you on your vacation.

Canopy El Yunque

Beat your fear of heights and go on a canopy El Yunque tour. With the wonderful trees and gorgeous views in the surrounding area, you’ll forget that you are way above the ground. Canopy tours are safe and a must for tourists. Check our website to see other exciting tours you can enjoy.

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