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Rainforest Tour Puerto Rico

ToroVerde was recently named one of the coolest places to see for a rainforest tour in Puerto Rico. This adventure park can put you face to face with the island’s amazing landscapes, flora, and wildlife. Sign up for a rainforest canopy adventure that you will remember forever. Group and family tours can be arranged online or by calling (787) 867 7020.

Puerto Rico boasts the only tropical rainforest in the Americas – El Yunque National Forest. If you are visiting Puerto Rico, do not miss this wonderful rain forest. It has something to offer almost everyone, including kids. Here are a few tips for a smooth and safe rainforest tour Puerto Rico:
Attend the orientation. This is very important for safety. Orientations are usually provided for tours, so make sure to attend and listen carefully.
Follow the tour guide. Don’t try to go off path or in another direction. Keep close to the group and mind your children.
Don’t touch anything unless your tour guide says it is okay to touch it.
Keep alert. There are many animals and insects living in the forest. Remember that it’s their home and you’re just a visitor.
These tips are handy if you plan to hike through forests. But if you want to experience the beauty of forests in a different way aside from a rainforest tour Puerto Rico, visit Toro Verde, an ecological adventure park. We are located in Orocovis, surrounded by lush mountains. You can enjoy the scenic view while you are riding a zip-line.
Just browse our tours and read the details so you can reserve activities that you want. Don’t forget to checkout our packages that offer cheaper prices for multiple tours. If you have any questions, just fill up the contact form here on our website.
Rainforest Tour Puerto Rico

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