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Canopy San Juan

Due to the number of tourists coming to San Juan, you might experience overpriced hotels, fares, and tickets. You can avoid all this by booking ahead of time. Visit our website and book canopy San Juan for you and your friends. You also have the option to combine multiple tours with our packages. Make the most of your vacation by booking today.

The mountainous terrain of Puerto Rico provides many opportunities to enjoy ziplining. The activity is a good way to behold Puerto Rico's natural beauty from its rainforests to its breathtaking canopies. A thrilling canopy San Juan adventure will not be complete without you flying on a zipline in one of Puerto Rico's rainforest reserves. Consider these tips if you are thinking of booking a zipline adventure in San Juan:
Take note of the safety precautions that the eco tour provider will provide. Most tour providers recommend participants to be at least four feet tall with a minimum weight of 100 lbs and a maximum weight of 300 lbs. You may not be eligible to participate if you have back problems, suffer from vertigo, or if you are pregnant.
You need to fit into the helmet and harness safely. Ask for assistance from the service provider if you are unsure how to wear or use zipline equipment.
Wear appropriate clothing. Closed-toe shoes like tennis shoes and sneakers are recommended.
Pack light. Some destinations require you to hike to the zipline point, so you do not want to get tired when you are carrying something heavy.
Book a canopy San Juan zipline adventure with ToroVerde
We are authorized to provide zipline activities in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Experience La Bestia or zip through canopies like La Marquesa and El Yunque. Learn more about ToroVerde in this website and reserve one of our packages online.
Canopy San Juan

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