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Canopy El Yunque

Beat your fear of heights and go on a canopy El Yunque tour. With the wonderful trees and gorgeous views in the surrounding area, you’ll forget that you are way above the ground. Canopy tours are safe and a must for tourists. Check our website to see other exciting tours you can enjoy.

El Yunque is a sub tropical rainforest that is known for its mountainous landscape and cool atmosphere. It sits on the eastern part of the Luquillo Mountains on their highest elevations, so it gets the most rain. Canopy El Yunque occupies a small area in Puerto Rico, and that is the crescent-shaped and single band on the side of the mountains of El Yunque, within a national forest reserve. Ziplining is a popular activity in the rainforest, so it should be part of your itinerary if you intend to visit or book a tour in El Yunque.
There are companies that can arrange a zip line adventure, which lets you experience El Yunque in the most breathtaking manner that give you an adrenaline rush. As you go through the zip line, you can come across a wide array of unique species of botanical wildlife and exhilarating views. Epiphytes are abundant in El Yunque. They are plants that non-parasitically grow upon another plant and derive nutrients and moisture from the rain and air. El Yunque is also known for the Sierra Palm tree and its exposed buttress roots, which keep it securely stabilized as it clings to unstable soils, riverbanks, and steep edges of cliffs.
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