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Canopy Yunque

Tired of just visiting museums and taking pictures of landmarks? Why not go on a canopy Yunque tour? Canopy tours are gaining popularity for its ingenuity. Imagine being able to view gorgeous views in the least boring possible way. You’ll be high up on trees, zip-lining or walking through hanging bridges. You can book a tour from our website.

El Yunque is among Puerto Rico's most stunning rainforests. Its unique landscape spreads out across a mountain, allow you to explore the amazing canopy Yunque as you walk uphill or fly on a zip line. Canopy tours are a great opportunity to behold several types of animal and plant life in El Yunque. If you are lucky, you might even hear a Coqui tree frog singing or see the endangered Puerto Rican parrot.
The Yokahu tower is a good vantage point to see El Yunque from above. The forest has many hiking trails, and two of them can lead you straight to La Mina waterfalls. Swimming at the bottom of the falls in the refreshingly cold water is an experience that you should consider. Some long and short hiking trails may overlap, but regardless of where you go, be sure to pay attention to your guide and look out for safety signs.
El Yunque is a rainforest, so expect frequent rainfall during the course of your canopy tour. With this in mind, it makes sense to dress accordingly and comfortably, pack light, and book a canopy Yunque tour with a reputable eco tour company like ToroVerde. This way, you can be sure to experience zip lining along El Yunque safely and in the most exhilarating manner.
ToroVerde is one of the latest ecological adventure parks in Puerto Rico where you enjoy more miles of zip lines with your loved ones. Fans of adventure and adrenaline rush book canopy tours with us because we can deliver the best customer service and zip line experiences. Check out our tour packages in this website to learn more.
Canopy Yunque

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