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Zipline Orocovis

Imagine the thrill of a roller coaster combined with touring natural forests. You can get the best of both worlds with zipline Orocovis. Instead of being bored just looking around natural sites, you get the added excitement of zipping through the air at a speed of 60MPH. If you are interested in zip-lining and canopy tours, visit our website to learn more.

Do you have a fear of heights and have decided that it’s time to free yourself from it? You can try to go on a zipline Orocovis adventure! Zip lining in Puerto Rico is not only exciting and fun--it is also safe. All you really have to do is to listen to the tour guide and follow the rules. You’ll be strapped in and all safety precautions will be double checked, and before you know it, you’re off flying. With the surrounding mountains and the beautiful horizon, you will surely forget all about your fear of heights. What’s more, zip lining can be an educational activity that allows you to learn more about the forests of Puerto Rico. Unlike going on long hikes, zip lining is fast and efficient—you can cover more, save time for other activities, and enjoy a have a unique view of the forest.
Book a zipline Orocovis tour today before heading out on your Puerto Rican vacation. You can easily book your zip lining and adventure tours here on Toro Verde’s website. Our ecological adventure park is located in Orocovis. If you want to book transportation along with your tour, just call our office at (787) 867 7020. If you panic last minute and can’t bring yourself to try the zip line, you can still enjoy the amazing views of Orocovis from our onsite restaurant, where you can feast on delicious meals and listen to live music. You can download the menu of Toro Verde’s restaurant here on our website.
Zipline Orocovis

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