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Zipline La Marquesa

Don’t fall victim to tourist overpricing during your vacation. The best thing to do is to plan and book ahead of time for everything, from your flights and accommodation to your tours. It will also do well to watch out for promos. Send us your email on our website to get promotions for activities, such as zipline La Marquesa.

La Marquesa is a forest reserve located a few minutes outside San Juan. It is a good place to go hiking or have a simple picnic. Zipline in La Marquesa is also a popular activity. Aside from La Marquesa, there are plenty of other places to go on zip line tours around Puerto Rico. Keep these tips in mind to get the best experience:
Book in advance. There are some zip lining operators that cannot accommodate walk-in clients.
Check for deals. When you book in advance, you can also check for packages. It can be cheaper to book multiple tours.
Transportation. Most zip line tours are located outside of San Juan. Unless you feel like dishing a large amount of money for a taxi ride, you might want to arrange your transportation in advance, too.
Aside from zipline La Marquesa you can also go zip lining in Toro Verde. Our ecological adventure park offers more than just zip line tours—we are also known for adventure tours that can definitely test your physical strength or just give you that much needed adrenaline rush. Toro Verde also has an onsite restaurant boasting wonderful views of surrounding mountains, delicious meals, and live music. Book a tour or multiple tour packages here on our website. To arrange transportation along with your tour, please contact our office at (787) 867 7020.
Zipline La Marquesa

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