Zip Lining In Puerto Rico -

Zip Lining In Puerto Rico

ToroVerde is the top destination for zip lining in Puerto Rico. It has all the amenities adrenaline junkies want, from the world’s longest single run zipline to exhilarating suspension bridges. See Puerto Rico from an eagle’s perspective, high up there!  Be sure to visit ToroVerde for the best ziplining activities.   

Zip lining in Puerto Rico can be an amazing experience for both tourists and vacationers. If you don’t have the time or the physical stamina to hike through a forest, you can still see it from up above by zip lining. What’s more, you can view amazing scenes that can’t be seen from the ground. 
Ready to go on a zip lining adventure in Puerto Rico? Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:
Check the guidelines. Before booking a zip lining tour, check the weight, height, or age limit (if there are any) from the adventure provider. 
Pay attention to the orientation. The staff will explain safety measures, how to secure your clothing and hair, and what to do and what not to do while on the zip line. Listen carefully and be sure to follow the rules.
Ask about the zip line system. Just because it’s your fifth time to go on a zip line tour does not mean you’re an expert. Each zip line tour is unique and uses different systems and gears.
For a truly exciting zip lining in Puerto Rico, head to Toro Verde. Our ecological adventure park offers miles and miles of zip lining cables. We even have the best-selling La Bestia, a zip-line tour that holds your body in a “flying” position and can reach a maximum speed of 60MPH. You can easily book a zip lining tour here on our website. You may also contact Toro Verde’s office at (787) 867 7020.
Zip Lining In Puerto Rico

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