Online Sports Academy

Online Sports Academy

Vaughn Sports Academy is a company that offers an array of programs to baseball players of all ages, regardless of level of ability. 

It does not matter if you are a newbie or a pro. What matters is that you are willing to learn. And we know the rudiments and the crucials of what it takes to meet your baseball playing needs.

We are positioned to provide required resources and help to every athlete subscribed to any of our programs. Because nothing delights us more than to have each of them flourish into sensational baseball players. 

As an academy we have made it a point of duty since inception that our staff are not just tuned to sharpening sportsmanship skills. They are to also serve as icons and role models to our students. 

We believe strongly in dignity of play, fervent work rate, healthy competition and all-round development even off the game of baseball.

The Academy Was Not An Accident

Mo Vaughn, whose name is the Prelude for our Sports Academy, was a baseball coach. He was a personal baseball coach to his own son named Lee during the Boca Raton PawSox. After the coaching experience with his son, the desire to have more kids coached was  kindled in Mo Vaughn. So he established the Vaughn Sports Academy. 

His utmost desire was not just having kids coached in the game of baseball. He wanted Vaughn Sports Academy to be a bedrock for them to attain greater feats than he did in the game of baseball. 

He projected The Vaughn Sports Academy as a place where kids of all ages and expertise can practice baseball, join workshops and train with veteran coaches in the country, including himself. 

Mo Vaughn, who is also known as “The Hit Dog”, used to be a Major League Baseball player. His 12-year career in the game was illustrious. He was a three-time All Star, and also bagged the MVP award in 1995 with the Boston Red Sox.

What We Stand For

Most regulars or people familiar with our Sports Academy would know our mantra  of "Work Hard. Play Free."

At Vaughn Sports Academy we uphold diligence at work and consistency in practice. We believe that this is the only way to ascend to a stage where work will become play. 

In the literal sense of that mantra, it is only through hard work and diligence, that you can achieve anything in baseball. You do not just wake up and become a pro at throwing all kinds of pitches, or become great at catching.

Furthermore, we not only ensure that this mentality manifests in our players' sportsmanship. We also make sure it transcends into their everyday life.

Book A Lesson With Our Pro  Coaches

At Vaughn Sports Academy, we have the best baseball coaches for hire. Our personal baseball coaches are not just instructors, they are veteran ones. You can also consider our virtual baseball training courses. Our online baseball coaches are fantastic, and they teach with highly relatable baseball training videos.

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Online Sports Academy
Vaughn Sports Academy
Online Sports Academy
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