Wood arrows

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Wood arrows

Wood arrows

Todd Mathis, the owner of Khans Arrows, is a skilled archer with over 40 years of experience in archery. Most archers shoot with wood arrows, as it is more readily available. However, you will no longer feel the same once you've learned to shoot with our bamboo shafts.

How do I choose a hunting bow?

The typical kinds of bows used for hunting are a traditional longbow, a recurve bow, and a modern compound bow. A compound bow may be a much better choice for hunting as it guarantees more arrow speed than the other two kinds. With a compound, bow archers can enjoy a higher success rate provided you choose a bow with the perfect axle-to-axle length.

Also, make sure to choose a bow with the right brace height and draw weight range. More extended brace heights are more forgiving, while bows with shorter brace heights are much faster in speed. Likewise, a bow with a deflex riser can be a tad bit slower than reflex risers however are more forgiving than the latter. Lastly, make sure to purchase a bow with a draw length that allows you to comfortably draw it to its maximum length each time you shoot.

Choosing the perfect arrow length

Make sure to buy an arrow that is at least an inch to 3 ¾ inches longer than your draw length. An experienced archer can make a great shot with an arrow length of just 1 inch.

Having a bow at full draw with an improperly positioned arrow can be dangerous. In general, the length of an arrow determines its weakness, and the longest shafts are usually the weaker ones.

Choosing the right kind of arrow

The most common types of shafts in use are wood, carbon, aluminum, fiberglass, and bamboo arrows. Some of the unique shooting characteristics of each kind of arrow are:

At Khans Arrows, we make custom bamboo shafts based on the amount of flex, bend, and length you want. Bamboo shafts fly perfectly and are highly durable than wood arrows. We sell the best quality arrows at affordable rates.

Wood arrows
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